Biathlon front sight adjustable in height

  • Front Sight adjustable up to

  • Front Sight adjustable
    disassembled parts

  • Pair of higher distance parts
    for adjustable front sight
    (up to 16mm)

  • Front sight adjustable
    partly assembled

Diopter heightening

  • Diopter heightening
    8mm and 10mm

Aperture insert

  • Aperture insert
    2.7mm up to 3.6mm
    (ring size 1mm)

  • Aperture insert
    3.2mm and 3.4mm
    (ring size 1mm)


  • Rubber shade with glued in
    special plastic for shape stability

  • Rubber shade mounted with
    rear sight extension

Rear sight extension

When using an eyeshade, the rear sight extension prevents blocking the windage screw.

Peep disc long

  • Peep disc long
    with lock ring for

  • Peep disc long
    with lock ring for

  • Lock ring

Snow-lid with handle

  • Snow-lid for diopter with
    handle for better operation